after midnight pomegranate(saponified oils: evoo & organic coconut, pomegranate fo & distilled water) for daily use an alluring & sensual fragrant soap that and leaves the skin feeling fantastic & lightly scented!

only the oatmeal(saponified oils: evoo, organic coconut & avocado, oatmeal, organic alabama honey & distilled water) honey is a natural humectant – that means it helps your skin retain its moisture.  added with the soothing qualities of oatmeal and your skin will thank you!  use daily for rad results!

NEW! truly madly ginger(saponified oils: evoo & organic coconut, ginger eo, lemongrass eo & distilled water) use daily to feel invigorated!  the combination of ginger & lemongrass awakens the body!

NEW! love grows (rosemary & lavender)(saponified oils: evoo & organic coconut), rosemary eo, lavender eo, dried rosemary, dried lavender & distilled water) use daily to feel relaxed!  the soothing combination of rosemary & lavender are perfect for use before OR after those stressful days!

NEW! let’s soap together(saponified oils: evoo & organic coconut, cocoa butter, raw organic cacao powder, dark chocolate fo & distilled water) just in time to use for Valentine’s!  the use of cacao powder is great for brightening & giving skin a healthy glow plus, it smells amazingly rich & is ultra creamy!

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